The Health Effects of Mold


Mold is a fungus whose primary purpose is material biodegradation (disintegration of organic matter). In nature, mold enables rot by excreting enzymes via mycelium, a process, which is vital for all ecosystems. However, when this natural process is left unregulated in the home, it can cause devastating effects on structural integrity and your physical health (outlink to health)

Mold Spores

Due to the integral role of fungi (mold) in the ecosystem, mold spores are resilient. While mold needs moisture (relative humidity 68% or higher), food (organic matter), and optimum temperature Fahrenheit (50 – 90 degrees) to grow. It does NOT need any of these conditions to survive.
Whenever conditions become unfavorable, mold responds by releasing thousands of microscopic spores which will search for a host material so they can begin to grow into their own colony.  During this host search is when mold can become especially dangerous to human health. Airborne spores can be inhaled, ingested and absorbed through the skin.

Mold Classes (toxicity)


Most mold species encountered indoors and in nature are allergenic. However high concentrations of allergenic mold can cause irritation to skin, eyes and throat and have been linked to asthma. Common examples include; Penicillium, Cladosporium, Alternaria…



Pathogenic molds are capable of causing fungal infection, immunosuppression, and mycoses. Examples include; Acremonium, Aspergillus Fumigatus (toxigenic/pathogenic e.g – Aspergillosis) and Candida. Often pathogenic molds are hard to distinguish between toxigenic molds due to their “toxic” nature. However, different from toxigenic molds, not ALL pathogenic molds are capable of releasing mycotoxins.


Toxigenic molds are capable of emitting mycotoxins (a potent carcinogen). Toxigenic molds have been linked with sinusitis, severe asthma and infection to the central nervous system. Examples include Stachybotrys (black mold), Fusarium and Aspergillus Niger.



“The Key 3’s”

Now that we’ve established that all mold poses a unique threat to the human body. Let’s look at what’s most important. A Healthy Home has the answer to your mold problem.

The Key 3’s of all mold species

  • Oxygen

  • Humidity

  • Food Source

Remove any one of “The Key 3’s” and you remove the viability for mold growth. Therefore, our main process for mitigating mold is humidity control. (59% or lower). Because we can’t survive without oxygen, and it’s impossible to remove every organic substance from a home or workspace. (Mold can grow on dust that settles on inorganic materials)

Dehumidification is the only practical method.

Dehumidification does more than simply removing the viability for mold and bacterial growth. If you have wooden floors you remove the potential for crowning and cupping. If you have an issue with excessive dust. Dust mites need 65-80% humidity to survive comfortably. Humidity control in the crawlspace will eradicate any potential for rodent and insect habitat (suppressing the major components of bacterial amplification in the home). Enjoy the effects or dehumidification and contact a specialist at A Healthy Home today, so we can restore your home to a livable and healthy condition.

We follow OSHA standards and are fully licensed, insured, and certified, so call 828-787-1673 today for a free estimate!



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Overview of Mold Related Services

• Mold Testing
• Mold Inspection
• Mold Mitigation
• Mold Remediation


Reviews & Endorsements

Thank you "A Healthy Home" and Kip for the wonderful job you did to stop the mildew in my house. You understood what I was smelling when no one else believed it was a problem.   I also appreciate your willingness to come out to my house whenever I called and check on the readout from the basement dehumidifier.You have given us a great peace of mind.   Thank you,


Reviews & Endorsements

“I don’t know why I waited so long to call Healthy Home about the moldy smell in my small, 1960s  cottage in Highlands.  I didn’t think anything could be done.  Kip proved me wrong.  The encapsulation was completed in a day and immediately I noticed a difference.  No more moldy smell.  Plus the winter heating bill plummeted.  In addition, Kip was quick to respond to calls and checked the system regularly to be sure all was working properly.  He was a pleasure to work with.  

Beth Moore, Cullasaja Club

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