“Dehumidification is the most effective tool for protecting the health of your home.”

At A Healthy Home, Your Health is our Top Priority and Dehumidification is essential for protecting the health of your home & family.


Simply put, dehumidifiers regulate indoor humidity by removing moisture from the air. This creates a healthy home environment that is comfortable to you but inhospitable to mold, dust mites, and other allergens.


Due to the stack effect, 50% percent of the air in the upper areas of your home comes from the basement or crawl space. Both contain high levels of moisture that contribute to musty odors (MVOCs), mold, bacteria, and dust mites. Damp air in these areas can damage the structure of the home and compromise air quality. According to the EPA controlling humidity inside the home is essential for comfort, reduced health risks, and property protection. The Environmental Protection Agency, American Lung Association, and American Medical Association, all recommend installing a dehumidifier in the basement and crawl space to regulate humidity levels at 59% or lower in your home.


Mold is the most common health risk associated with high humidity in a home. This resilient fungus feeds on organic matter and reproduces rapidly in humid environments. Besides causing allergies, mold produces harmful chemicals such as MVOCs (Microbial Volatile Organic Compounds) and mycotoxins.
Health hazards related to mold include coughing, wheezing, running eyes/nose, skin rashes, muscular aches, loss of appetite, inability to concentrate, and fatigue.


Research has found that common household dust mites, which thrive in more humid environments, may be a factor in as many as 80% of asthmas, hay fevers and other allergic ailments.
Exposure to house dust containing mite allergens typically causes sneezing, nasal stuffiness, runny nose and itchy/watery eyes, but can also trigger asthma attacks.


A Healthy Home specializes in custom dehumidification solutions tailored to your home’s needs. Over years of experience serving one of the most humid environments in the United States, we know that there is no one size fits all approach to your home’s moisture and mold problems. That’s why our Dehumidification specialists come out to your home for free to identify the most optimal path forward to getting your home’s humidity problems under control. Protect your family from the negative effects of moisture and mold in your home and contact a specialist at A Healthy Home today!


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Moisture:  What Mold Needs…

Learn more about your home, construction methods, air flow, health and the effects of our environment here in the mountains.  Once you understand the nature of your home, you will understand how you can make your home, a healthy home.

Reviews & Endorsements

Thank you "A Healthy Home" and Kip for the wonderful job you did to stop the mildew in my house. You understood what I was smelling when no one else believed it was a problem.   I also appreciate your willingness to come out to my house whenever I called and check on the readout from the basement dehumidifier.You have given us a great peace of mind.   Thank you,


Reviews & Endorsements

“I don’t know why I waited so long to call Healthy Home about the moldy smell in my small, 1960s  cottage in Highlands.  I didn’t think anything could be done.  Kip proved me wrong.  The encapsulation was completed in a day and immediately I noticed a difference.  No more moldy smell.  Plus the winter heating bill plummeted.  In addition, Kip was quick to respond to calls and checked the system regularly to be sure all was working properly.  He was a pleasure to work with.  

Beth Moore, Cullasaja Club

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