“I am happy to provide a recommendation for your company.

When we realized that the moisture and mildew problems in the ground floor of our new home in the mountains could be alleviated by moisture proofing technology, we were very pleased and relieved. We interviewed several companies and chose yours. You were very helpful in guiding us toward the correct equipment and materials. Installation was efficient and clean. The results have been exactly what we were hoping for, and the moisture problems have been eliminated. You have been very responsive when we had questions or had the rare service need.

I would be happy to speak to any prospective customers.”

-Louise Ripley


Kip, It was almost 7 years ago that you encapsulated the crawl space in my Cullasaja Club home. Since then, the humidity has been in the 50% range and it remains dry and clean. All workers who enter that crawl space comment on how good it is to see the neat surroundings.

I have and will continue to refer new clients to you, as I am very satisfied with your work and product.

Good luck and success,

-Tom Cooper


“Hi Kip,

The lining that you installed in the crawl space under our house has proven very efficient.  For the years before it was installed, I had problems with mold growing on my tools and other various items that I had stored under the house.  Also, we used to have swarms of crickets hiding out under the house, mostly in the winter months.  In the spring, they would find their way up into our house. Anotherr thing – Our house sits on a concrete block foundation.  Before the vapor barrier was installed during the summer months dozens of snails would crawl around on the outside of the block wall. I eventually found out the moisture coming through the block was contributing to the high content of insects and mold.

Now, since the liner was installed, there is no more signs of mold growing on the items stored under the house, or on the walls or insulation; I have not seen any more crickets habitating under the house; the problem with snails has gone away.  All in all, this wall and floor lining has proven very beneficial. Thank you for your service.      

-Mike Kettles


We engaged A Healthy Home to encapsulate our crawl space several years ago.  We have been extremely pleased with the work.  It has completed solved the humidity issues that we had from an open crawl space while also improving our energy efficiency.  Recently we had a small issue with a damaged drain pipe (not one installed by A Healthy Home).  Kip immediately responded, repairing the pipe, removing the accumulated water, and ensuring that the encapsulation was intact.

We are very pleased with the work of Kip and A Healthy Home.


-Bob Driscoll


This letter concerns my tenure as resident and homeowner in Cashiers N.C. and thus experience with the Company AHealthy Home and it’s owner Kip Amundrud. As with many mountain homes in our area moisture is an issue and we sought the services of a professional to permanently dry the crawl space area of our large mountain top home. Total year-round moisture control, temperature control and odor mitigation was our goal.


A Healthy Home accomplished this goal with a reasonably priced product installed well in a professional manner. After installation service has been good. I have recommended Kip’s service to friends and clients several times since my work was performed.


Andrew P Angle


I don’t know why I waited so long to call Healthy Home about the moldy smell in my small, 1960s  cottage in Highlands.  I didn’t think anything could be done.  Kip proved me wrong.  The encapsulation was completed in a day and immediately I noticed a difference.  No more moldy smell.  Plus the winter heating bill plummeted.  In addition, Kip was quick to respond to calls and checked the system regularly to be sure all was working properly.  He was a pleasure to work with.  

Beth Moore


Good Afternoon Kip

It is a pleasure to provide you with a reference concerning A Healthy Home Company. I have always found your company to be timely, honest, fair and providing a high quality product at a reasonable  price. As a fine Christian man I have found you personally to present high ethical standards with the customer’s best interest in mind. Good Luck as you grow your company to be the premier provider in the area.


Buck Walters


Many years ago we contracted with a Healthy Home to seal our basement. We were experiencing some mold problems as well as high humidity in our house. 

A Healthy Home sealed under our house and the problems went away permanently. 

Over the years we have had to minor equipment problems. Kip Amundrud, responded immediately and resolved the situation.

Last August, we moved to another house. It was sealed by A Healthy Home earlier than I previous home. There are no problems.

Malcolm McRae


Thank you “A Healthy Home” and Kip for the wonderful job you did to stop the mildew in my house. You understood what I was smelling when no one else believed it was a problem.

I also appreciate your willingness to come out to my house whenever I called and check on the readout from the basement dehumidifier. You have given us great peace of mind.

Thank you,

Mike and Patty Atkins


Hi, I want to express my complete satisfaction with the work you did under our Vacation Rental. We had moisture in the crawl space under the cabin and were concerned about erosion and settling. You came out and installed a vapor barrier. The results have been very helpful in controlling moisture, pests and insects. We would recommend your thorough solutions to anyone!

Len Myers



My experience with your sealing off and dehumidifying my vacation home’s crawlspace in 2010 is what I call a “99 Percentile” experience.  This means I have never had a better experience.

Your sealing and the dehumidifying system has worked without any problems for 7+ years now.  My crawlspace still resembles a “clean room” at a computer semiconductor manufacturing facility.  All of this was a result of your excellent design, your choice of materials, and your meticulous attention to detail when you installed your system.

Thank you for providing such first class protection of my vacation home.

PS. And Oh, by the way, I just completed a 4-week winter visit to my vacation home.  The temperatures were brutally cold most of that time–a 6″ thick sheet of ice on my pond for a week!  I noted that my furnace was not running nearly as long as I would have thought to keep my home warm.  I did a little research to find out why.  It turns out that because your sealing and dehumidification system was so well done, the coldest my crawlspace ever got was 50 degrees when it was 8 degrees outside.  I must have saved over $1,000 in the past 7 winters. Thanks!

-Tom Snyder


To A Healthy Home

You have done a great job for us and dealt with every issue we had effectively and quickly.


Paul M. Robshaw


Thank you for the excellent work that your crew did in sealing our crawl space. We had no idea the amount of effort that it would take to do this job and your crew did it so well.

Your A Healthy Home crew were true professionals and my wife and I could not be happier with the results.

We have recommended your company to many of our friends are I am sure that you will be hearing from some of them in the near future.

Thanks again and best wishes,

-Gary and Linda Thomas



I am pleased to say that Jeanne and I are more than happy with the assistance you have given us in the installation of our encapsulation work, the dehumidifier, and all of the overseeing of your finished product. Since we are not year-round homeowners at High Hampton it is quite a relief to us to know that you are “on site” to handle things, including checking on the house now and again.

Happy New Year !

Ad Ingle


To Who it May Concern:

  • I hired “A Healthy Home” and had an extremely positive experience.
  • I found his price to be very competitive, but more than that, it is very clear to me that he knows his products, as well as those of his competitors very well, and definitely stands behind his work. And he can clearly explain/show why his product is superior (more thickness/better) to those of other local competitors.
  • During the installation, he constantly followed up on the work completed by his crew. The work completed was flawless.
  • At a later date after the initial installation, I was having some additional construction/foundation work done in the crawl space, and the liner that Kip installed had to be partially removed, and then re-installed after the work was completed. Kip came out and re-did the work for no additional cost…no questions asked!
  • I have found him to be most helpful and strongly recommend him/his firm without reservation to others in our development where I am President of our POA.
  • If I were to purchase another home, I would have him come back and do an installation of his quality product in it.
  • If you have any questions, please feel free to call me.

Victor Galef